Pilates Reformer Teacher

We are seeking a highly motivated individual with a passion for excellence in their field to teach Pilates Reformer classes at our Pilates and Yoga Studio. You must demonstrate excellent communication skills, be dedicated to excellence in your field, and have a desire to continually improve and evolve in your chosen profession.
Pilates Reformer Teachers - seeking part time Pilates Reformer teacher.
Certification from a respected school
Comprehend and abide by Yoga-360 Studio & Spa Standard Operating Procedures
Teach proper alignment and safety methods
Provide students with a thorough and knowledgeable Pilates Session or Class
Monitor the well-being of all participants
Maintain a schedule of at least two classes per week
Substitute class as needed
Classes to remain within scope of knowledge
Ability to plan classes/sessions around skill levels of participants
Possess excellent customer service skills
Demonstrate respect, sensitivity, and concern for students' needs with a professional and pleasant manner
Salary will be commensurate with experience and further training. Opportunities for career progression are available for suitable candidates

Don't Be Fooled

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